Online artistic reading for children from 6 to 12
New Classes Start on August 9th!
Children will spend time productively while you have some time for yourself
Every evening voice actors meet children in Zoom, read modern and classic literature and discuss it with them.

We discuss complicated topics such as: "What is better: give up or start over and over?", "Why did they burn the witches?", "Do boys need to make friends with girls?"
How do you read?
We read with different voices
Our meetings are for:
Children, who do not like reading
We do not force children to read. We select best books and read them with different voices, and discuss the text immediately with children. We speak about protagonists and their feelings. Children can catch a breath after hard day at school and dive into the story with minimum effort
Working Parents
Imagine you came after a hard day’s work, you are exhausted and the only thing you can dream about is lying on a sofa. You have a choice: either turn on cartoons or let your child participate in our fun and interactive Zoom meetings. Our teachers will get your kid acquainted with best modern books and discuss complicated topics
Children, who like TikTok and YoutubeKids
We know, how to get children interested in a book. In our meetings children not only listen to the actors, they can express their views and be heard. They learn to analyse protagonists actions and discuss them with piers
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Your child will not let you stop the subscription ;)
The classes begin on August 9th
Pre-selected books to learn your child love reading
6-8 years, TUE&THU at 20:00
Emil from Lenninsbergi
Emil is a mischievous and fidgety boy. He lives with his family: a kind mother, tight-fisted dad and younger sister Ida. Acting out of good intentions, Emil regularly plunges into very funny situations.
6-8 years, MON&WED в 20:00
Adventures of Dennis
The book is for both children and adults. Denis Korablev is a real Soviet boy. He makes a rocket in the backyard of the house, goes to the circus and cooks chicken broth with his dad. Each story about him is a new amazing adventure
8-10years, MON&WED at 21:00
The Diary of a Killer Cat
The story in the book comes from the person of the cat named Taffy. From the book you will learn everything about his habits and desires, about relationships with owners and other cats, even his love story
8-10 лет, ВТ и ЧТ, в 21:00
Cheerful Family
Nosov's wonderful book is about kindness, responsibility and, of course, friendship. Two school-friends, Kolya and Mishka, never sit idly. They always need to invent and craft something. When their steam engine exploded, they had to come up with something more interesting.
10-12 лет, ПН и СР, в 21:45
11-year-old Polianna is sent to live with a grumpy aunt. It would seem that there is nothing to be happy about ... But Polianna loves life, never gets discouraged and even figured out how to teach the whole city to play the«happiness game»
10-12 лет, ВТ и ЧТ, в 21:45
My friend Percy, Buffalo Bill and me
What could be better than spending a vacation with a friend? Ten-year-old Ulf and Percy build a hut, swim in the sea, play Indians, help a friend collect bugs and read a book about Buffalo Bill, the famous buffalo hunter from the Wild West

Your children will love our readings!
Read by voice actors
Movie and theatre actress

Graduated from GITIS, actress of the St. Petersburg Children's Drama Theatre "On the Neva." Elizabeth is a voice actor, each character speaks in her own voice.

She studied at the St. Petersburg Institute of Film and Radio Broadcasting. Likes to write music and songs. For the last 3 years, she has been teaching acting to children 6-10 years old.
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